Claims Administration


Notice and Publication Campaign (physical and digital)

Strategic Claims Services (“SCS”) reviews all notice and claim forms to confirm compliance with the agreement between both parties. SCS also has the ability to disseminate the notices to potential claimants via traditional or digital means. Additional procedures such as returned mail management and skip tracing to help locate class members are performed as requested.

Data Management and Claim Evaluation

Data management and claim evaluation are critical pieces of the claims administration process. We customize our systems for each case to ensure everything is scaled appropriately for the type and size of the case and appropriate security protocols are put in place to ensure all data is managed securely.

Quality Assurance

Beginning with the notification process, all the way through the finalization of the case, our Quality Assurance team is involved in all aspects of the claims administration process. A customized approach is created for every case to ensure the accuracy of data and calculation of claims.

Reporting and Affidavits

SCS provides customized status reports to our clients during the claims administration process. We also provide declarations and affidavits for our notification and claim administration process.

Fund Management, Distribution and Account Reconciliation

SCS provides services related to setting up and maintaining the escrow account for the settlement fund. We reconcile and perform due diligence for each settlement before and after distribution to ensure each claimant receives their settlement award.