Consulting Services


Publication of Summary Notice

Strategic Claims Services (“SCS”) has experience with all kinds of publications. Whether it be a Notice to be published in a newspaper, to be issued over a press release, or to be advertised online. We can tailor a publication package to meet your needs using any of the services available today.

Escrow Agent

Using our banking experience, SCS can advise on the setup of an Escrow Account to meet the requirements of any Settlement Agreement. We manage the tax reporting, set up the account as a Qualified Settlement Fund with the IRS, handle payment of Attorneys’ Fees and Expenses, and Payment of any Plaintiff Awards.

Publication (physical and digital)

SCS can help you review and draft any Notice and Proof of Claim. We check for errors and inconsistencies between the court orders, settlement agreements and other documents. We assist with typesetting of the notice for printing and mailing or digital distribution. We also monitor and review all court deadlines to ensure that all requirements are met prior the final approval hearing.

Taxation Issues

Reporting Settlement Fund Escrow Accounts to the IRS is a complicated process. SCS is able to provide guidance on how to setup and manage the accounts with the IRS. Our experience in setting up and reporting any payments can help protect you from any penalties that could be incurred.